The Nylon Tights are Pink performed at Bakie's Kansas City
Curated by Meredith Kooi
Bella Dorado, Chris Gravely and I explored endurance.  Bella performed physically demanding, choreographed exercises and consumed mass quantities of fruits and vegetables, while Chris and I played with lengthy periods of silence and extreme shifts in live music over the course of 2 ½ hours. The endurance elements of this performance were both punishment and cathartic pleasure. They were also at times mundane, requiring a level of endurance from the audience. Each element of this work was in conversation with the complexities of coping and everyday survival in the lives of Black and Brown women. The creation of new rules and parameters regarding our relationship with our mental health and our bodies was at once performed and embodied. In the climax of the performance, Bella broke the dishes from which she ate with seven objects, including a meat tenderizer, golf club and bb gun, an act of violence as coping.
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