30 days of improv beginning May 24, 2022
improv for at least 5 minutes
publish immediately, even (and especially) if hair is flopped
do this everyday until June 24, 2022

prompt: do something.

prompt: taking shape.

prompt: vlog mannerisms. music: blk vintage

prompt: do something, minimalist version

prompt: atlas shrugged. music: melanie de biasio

prompt: spirals and curves. will return to this. also unofficial prompt to not rely on my arms for visual interest so much.

prompt: spirals and curves again. only a couple minutes here but I did move for over 5 mins this day at lunch during an HR workshop. This is day 10

prompt: whats the story + curves + keep ribcage engaged. not really a prompt, just learning  and moving. the true prompt was fan favorite: do something.

prompt: kitchen story. missed a few improv days in between traveling and being under the weather

prompt: kitchen story, experiment with lens

prompt: do something, balance edition

prompt: balances in defiance. 

prompt: love

prompt: full body tension

prompt: tension and release

prompt: manage the effort of tension

starting again - October 1, 2022

day 4, oct 7

day 5, oct. 18
a dark abstraction.
three bodies moving slowly,
etching marks in the sand.

they call to me: "join 
our wild meditation,
join our sweet abyss."

i fall into a
spiraling field of blackness.
they catch and spin me.
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