Performances by Ruchi Ahuja, Sharon Carelock, Indya Childs, Jennifer Clark, Bella Dorado, Miriam Golomb, Christina Kelly, Rebekah Pleasant, Hez Stalcup
Music by Chris Gravely and Saira Raza
Birth of Pleasure is the narrative film adaptation of the live dance work, sanctuaries and fortresses. Directed by Lev Omelchenko and Anicka Austin, the film and live work were part of a year-long project called “sunday morning at 7”.
Loosely based on the myth of Cupid and Psyche, Birth of Pleasure follows the journey of Psyche and the otherworldly beings who usher her into self-realization through a series of difficult tasks. By reimagining the myth with women of color as both protagonists and antagonists and integrating eroticism as a central theme, “Birth of Pleasure” creates tension between what it means to retell canonical stories and create authentic representations of ourselves. 
In the process of creating Birth of Pleasure, the myth of Cupid and Psyche and Audre Lorde’s poetry, essays and biomythography were frameworks for relating current conversations around reproductive health to our own varied experiences with our bodies. Personal and political reclamation of our bodies, identities, and relationships informed the final movement and sound score, which teetered between episodes of violence, humor and joy.
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