performers: Kamali Hill, PhaeMonae and Anicka Austin with beauty ritual installation materials added by Kamali and Phae

a lineage//evolving installation, performance and archive of coping methods was an installation of physical movement and personal objects accumulated over the course of a month at the Museum of Contemporary Art of Georgia. 
Performed by Kamali Hill, PhaeMonae & Anicka Austin//Melissa Word//Bella Dorado & Amanda Bonilla//Jennifer Clark
curated by Iman Person as part of the WonderRoot Hughley Fellowship
documented by Lev Omelchenko
I asked five artists to fill the installation space with objects from their personal lives that represented or aided in the performing of their coping methods. We interrogated objects that might represent coping methods that they wanted to leave behind or that were inherited. I created pedestrian movements that became performative acts of endurance of which the artists repeated to exhaustion. 
In this work: 1. the sound, created from loops of my humming, mimicked the rhythmic vocal expression of Black women and women coping with the performance of intense and often unrecognized physical and emotional labor. Three of the artists also sang and hummed. 2. Installation color and design was inspired by a quilt given to me by my great grandmother. The quilt is symbolic of my desire to create objects that are both aesthetically pleasing and highly functional. As functional objects, quilts not only provide warmth, but are also often made from scraps of fabric that need to be repurposed. However, socio-economic function and necessity do not require the object to be aesthetically pleasing and quilts are often beautiful. There is a symbiotic relationship between beauty and function in activities and objects used for coping.

performers: Bella Dorado and Amanda Bonilla with installation materials added by performers

performer: Jennifer Clark

performer: Melissa Word

installation materials added by Melissa Word

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